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Buying a Home in Today’s Market

July 22, 2022

Buying a Home in Today’s Market

Supply and demand. Any economist will tell you it’s those two factors that determine most of the choices made in the marketplace, and it’s no different when it comes to setting housing prices. Many builders in today’s real estate market are experiencing far greater demand for new homes than they can supply with their readily available inventory. While this imbalance tends to give home builders an opportunity to significantly raise their prices, at Betenbough Homes, we do things differently. Betenbough Homes is a cost-plus builder. That means that demand does not dictate our sales price. We take the cost of our home materials and add a reasonable profit margin (that does not increase) to determine our final home sale price.

The processes, planning, vendor partnerships and in-house teams we have in place prevent our communities from experiencing many of the supply issues others in the real estate market are facing. Not only do we have the capability to begin building you an affordable new home, but we also have move-in ready and quick move-in homes available right now in AmarilloLubbockMidland, and Odessa!

The best part about all of this is that experts say right now is the best time to buy a new home! Here’s why:

Real estate value is NOT decreasing

Historically, real estate prices have increased year after year, and every market indicator points to the continuation of this trend. But don’t fear, that’s actually good news for home buyers! Unlike vehicles, your new home won’t depreciate as soon as you turn the key. In fact, over time, it will actually increase in value!

You’ll start building equity immediately

In the current housing market, renting can cost nearly as much per month as a mortgage payment. The money you pay in rent essentially goes towards building your landlord’s wealth, but when you buy, you can begin to build your own. Though renting puts a roof over your head, buying a home is truly an investment into your future.

Buying a NEW home is actually more affordable

When you are ready to buy, there are a lot of factors to consider. Though old homes may initially appear to be cheaper, the cost of non-refundable fees, inspections, and maintenance adds up quick. Not to mention the hassle of bidding wars and negotiations associated with buying a used home in today’s market. Buying a new home saves you from those upfront expenses as well as the costs of updating the outdated features of an old home. When you buy new, you get a home you’re guaranteed to love from day one. And when you buy a Betenbough home, you also get an included comprehensive 2-year warranty that covers your home from top to bottom, giving you peace of mind as your get settled in your new home.

At the heart of Betenbough Homes is a simple mission: to make home ownership possible. That’s why we continue to provide quality, value, and affordability for home buyers in West Texas.

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