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DIYes You Can

July 11, 2020

DIYes You Can

We’ve all spent more time at home than we ever thought we would at one time (yep, A LOT of time). Some good news? This has freed many of us up to get to working on some projects we just always said “one day” to.

Listen, we know it sounds like a great idea that just might go wrong. You may be thinking, where do you even begin? We understand that we all need a little inspiration and encouragement, so it’s really very convenient that we are an expert hype team!

A few of our homeowners have sent us some of their coolest DIY projects for you to drool over and hopefully make “one day,” today!

Need a guest room and an office? Build a Murphy bed and add a fun color to create an office space that will make working from home feel like your best day at the office.

These homeowners found a way to save money on their kitchen table, while making something uniquely their own. Their kitchen table will now hold more special memories than something they could have found at the store.
There are so many easy ways to elevate your kitchen style. Start simple with a fresh paint color and new hardware, or take it a step further with board and batten on your island. Whatever you choose, it just might encourage you to cook your next masterpiece!
Are you feeling like updating your indoor space might feel too risky? Start with your outdoor space. A quick trip to your local nursery, an unused wood pallet and some “heavier” (get it?) items from Lowes or Home Depot will have you enjoying the good ole outdoors in no time.
Let’s face it, the bathroom is sometimes the only space you can find some alone time – especially in quarantine! Add some shelving for decorative items or candles along with greenery to have you feeling like you’re at the Four Seasons.

Have you always wanted to try a fun wallpaper in your bathroom, but you don’t want to actually deal with wallpaper? Have no fear! This homeowner used a cardboard stencil, a 1-inch angled brush and followed a template all the way down her wall.

Adding some shelf space to your laundry room is one of the easiest ways to get started in your DIY journey. Think intentionally about what would improve your laundry routine the most, and go from there.

This homeowner made an impactful and memorable statement in her entryway with photos of her family’s history contrasted by a bold wall color. We’re not crying, you are…

Are you inspired yet? I think we already know the answer to that question…

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