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Home Design Trends for 2023

January 25, 2023

Home Design Trends for 2023

The start of the new year brings with it new goals, new adventures, and new trends to enjoy. Here are a few interior design trend predictions we're loving for 2023!

Saturated Colors

While light and airy will always be in style, many people are ditching neutral furniture and décor to bring more color into their homes in 2023. Bold, vibrant hues will make a statement in both accents and functional furniture pieces. We've already begun to see a shift away from ultra-minimalism in homes to include more colorful and patterned elements that bring energy, personality, and joy to the space, and this trend will continue throughout the year.

Designated Dining Spaces

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and while we don't anticipate the return of the formal dining room, we do expect designated dining spaces to be more important in 2023. Whether it's a multifunctional seating area or additional chairs at the kitchen island, there will be a greater emphasis on creating space for dining together this year.

Touches of Luxury

In 2023, we expect to see practical touches of luxury throughout the home. More specifically, we anticipate a rise in the popularity of gold elements, from plumbing fixtures to cabinet hardware to ornate picture frames and mirrors. Gold brings a welcome warmth to the home and adds a touch of elegance that's perfect for any interior.

Old is New

Thrifted accents and family heirlooms will take a more prominent position in the home in 2023. Vintage elements are rising in popularity, and we expect to see a resurgence of nostalgia-infused décor.

All-White Kitchens

Though color is making its way into the home, designers predict we'll also see the return of the all-white kitchen in 2023. Light and bright tones help to maximize a home's lighting and open up the space. Additionally, white kitchens are the perfect blank canvas for experimenting with colors, patterns, and other trending décor styles!

We'd love to see the home design trends you're following this year! Post them on social and be sure to tag Betenbough Homes!


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