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Keeping Home Prices Affordable

May 31, 2024

Keeping Home Prices Affordable

How We Keep Our Home Prices Affordable

We make every decision with our home buyers in mind, including the way we've chosen to price our homes. Most home builders set their prices based on the demand for new homes in their area. When demand is high, it gives them an opportunity to raise their prices. At Betenbough Homes, we do things differently.

Photo of a member of the sales team going over paperwork with a couple purchasing a Betenbough Home.

Understanding the Market

In any given market, prices are determined by two very basic economic factors: supply and demand. When demand outweighs supply, prices rise. When supply outweighs demand, prices fall.

There have been times over the past few years when the demand for new homes far exceeded the supply, and this is likely to happen again. That situation gives builders who set their prices strictly based on demand the opportunity to raise their prices as high as their buyers are willing to pay. But that's NOT US!

Photo of a man, woman, and small child in a Betenbough Homes kitchen. The man is drinking coffee. The woman is holding a child in one arm and coffee in her other hand. The child is reaching out toward the man with a cup.

The Betenbough Difference

At Betenbough Homes, rather than taking an opportunistic approach to pricing, we’ve adopted a cost-plus strategy. This means we take the cost of our home materials and add a reasonable profit margin, resulting in the price our home buyers pay. When our costs go down, so do our home buyers’ costs! Our percentage of profit may also go down, but we will never raise it past our accepted margin.

Our cost-plus pricing method allows us to deliver the most savings to our buyers! We know that quality and affordability are important to our home buyers, and that makes them important to us too!

Photo of a Betenbough Homes sales associate shaking hands with a potential home buyer.

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