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Mastering Home Appliance and Fixture Care: Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

February 6, 2024

Mastering Home Appliance and Fixture Care: Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Your home is probably your biggest investment, so cleaning and maintaining it properly is a high priority! Taking good care of your appliances and fixtures will extend their life and ensure they perform properly. This article will explore the recommended cleaning and maintenance procedures for the appliances and fixtures that come in your Betenbough home.

Photo of a gas oven and range in a Betenbough Home representing proper cleaning and maintenance of the oven and range

Oven and Range

Just imagine all the delicious meals and treats that have been and will be baked in your home's oven. All that cooking is bound to leave a mess! But here is the good news: each oven installed in a Betenbough home features a self-cleaning function. To utilize this function, remove all racks and accessories from your oven and simply press "self-clean." Do not use cleaners, chemicals, or abrasive materials to clean the inside of your oven, as that can damage the porcelain finish. The high heat of the self-cleaning process will kill any bacteria present and return your appliance to a clean and sanitized state. 

Have you really cooked a meal if something didn't boil over on the stove? It's just part of life, but you'll avoid buildup and stains by cleaning your range or cooktop after every use. First make sure the appliance is turned off and cool. For gas cooktops, remove the grates and scrub them with warm, soapy water. Then, do the same with your stovetop, making sure to keep spark igniters, wires, switches, or any other electrical controls dry while cleaning. For electric cooktops, we love using a cooktop cleaning kit like this one by Weiman

Photo of a dishwasher in a Betenbough Home representing proper cleaning and maintenance of the dishwasher


Can we all send out a collective thank you for our dishwashers and the work they save us? Just a little maintenance will keep this appliance workhorse running effectively for a long time. Your dishwasher will thank you for rinsing the food off your dishes before loading them, as that food can clog the filter. Cleaning the filter once a month can prevent standing water, leaks, and smells. Also, it's best not to overload your dishwasher so that the water and soap can circulate and clean properly. 

During the dishwashing cycle, it helps to use a rinse aid and drying agent to prevent water spots on your dishes. Finally, wiping down the seal around the door with a damp cloth on a monthly basis helps to prevent buildup and leakage. 

Photo of a bathroom in a Betenbough home, representing proper cleaning and maintenance of the sinks, tubs, and plumbing fixtures.

Sinks/Tubs/Plumbing Fixtures

Nothing feels better than a sparkling clean bathroom! We recommend cleaning sinks and tubs every week to prevent buildup and avoid staining. For porcelain or stainless steel kitchen and bathroom sinks, use a standard stainless-steel and porcelain cleaner such as Bar Keepers Friend

For glass shower doors we love Rain-X Shower Door Cleaner which makes cleaning easy and helps prevent buildup.

PSA: Fiberglass tubs and shower walls need to be cleaned differently than porcelain. Who knew?!? Fiberglass is a softer material that requires nonabrasive cleaning products, so you should avoid using brushes, scouring pads, etc. when cleaning since those can scratch or damage the fiberglass material. 

Maintaining your home's appliances and fixtures is quick and easy when you get in the habit of doing it regularly. Feel free to contact your Betenbough Homes Warranty Team with any problems you may encounter. We hope you enjoy your home and all its features for many years to come!


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