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So Fresh. So New. So You.

April 11, 2020

So Fresh. So New. So You.

We’ve been up to something, and we couldn’t wait any longer to share it with you! Our teams have been hard at work crafting new designs to bring diversity and personality to our floor plans and communities at every level!

Meet our beautiful new ladies and try not to let your jaw drop!

The New Lady 1300

Just because you want a smaller home, doesn’t mean you should sacrifice style and quality. Talk about character! This lady is classic with a few modern touches.


The Kyla

This new lady is a breath of fresh air! She has “welcome home” written all over her! A brick slurry with stone corner wainscot across the front exterior, along with accented brick over the porch completes this fresh look. She’s beauty and she’s grace!


The Kelly

Hold up, and wait just one minute… That’s right! We’ve got a new showstopper on the block. How did that whole jaw dropping thing work out? It’s okay, we don’t blame you, but don’t blame her…

She can’t help it – the wood cedar accents and shutters against the stucco, along with the mixture of brick and stone masonry and wainscot make her stand out against the crowd.

KELLY (side-entry)
KELLY (side-entry) FLOOR PLAN

KELLY (front-entry)KELLY (front-entry) FLOOR PLAN

Now, what’s even more exciting than these spectacular new ladies? They are available to build. for you. RIGHT. NOW. Ready………..GO! 

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