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Thankful for HOME

December 11, 2020

Thankful for HOME

This year, we are especially reminded of the blessing of a new home. Whether you’re spending Thanksgiving with your family, keeping it simple as a couple, or gathering with a small group of close friends, take time to celebrate the reason behind the holiday.

Fill your new home with thankfulness.

Gather around the table, and while you’re sharing your meal, share what you’re thankful for. We all know 2020 brought so many unexpected twists and turns, so think about something unexpected that you’re grateful for! Count your blessings and write them down – we have a feeling you’ll want to remember the unexpected things you were grateful for in 2020.

Fill your new home with the fragrant aroma of a fresh-baked dessert (or two!)

Thanksgiving is the time of year when you can go overboard with pumpkin-themed everything and get away with it!

May we suggest using local, pasture-raised Alcove Farms eggs (a sister company to Betenbough Homes) to bake pumpkin bread pudding or a decadent pumpkin roll as seen in these pictures? Our mouths are watering just thinking about the pumpkin possibilities!

pumpkin roll and pumpkin bread pudding

Fill your new home with community. (Safely!)

If you can’t be with your family in-person this year, we urge you to take advantage of technology like FaceTime or Zoom! Play a game of charades over Zoom. Catch up with your loved ones from a distance. Take people on a virtual tour of your house and show off your favorite rooms and decor! 😉

Photo via @westtexasfarmhouse, Sophia floorplan

Fill your new home with comfort.

Keep it low-key this Thanksgiving from the comfort of your new Betenbough home by curling up on the couch and watching movies. Hallmark is starting their countdown to Christmas… and a cheesy holiday movie is just what the doctor ordered!

At Betenbough Homes, we are thankful for each of our homeowners. Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

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