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What's a Quick Move-In Home?

March 1, 2023

What's a Quick Move-In Home?

Our quick move-in homes are perfect for those looking to get a jump on the construction process and move into their new Betenbough home sooner rather than later! "Quick move-in" means that construction has already begun on these homes, and we can tell you their completion dates with 99% accuracy! 

Like new builds, our quick move-in homes allow you to lock in your price on day one, and when you work with one of our preferred loan officers, you may even be able to lock in your interest rate! Plus, through April 30, quick move-in home buyers will receive up to $7,500 toward their closing costs, to lower their interest rate, or discount the price of their home! 

Our quick move-in homes include a comprehensive home warranty which guarantees the performance of all materials and installations for a full two years, including both parts and labor on everything in the home! When you choose a quick move-in home, you get all the perks of building from the ground up packed into a shorter timeframe.

Now that we've defined a quick move-in home, let's take a look at a few in various stages of construction and the benefits they provide. 

10% Complete

Homes that are 10% complete should finish construction in about four months.* Each floor plan and homesite has been chosen through careful consideration. At this stage, we have broken ground and are focused on pouring the foundation of your home. You truly get to see your new home take shape from the ground up! You will get to experience a frame tour and watch the house's bones transform into a home. Regardless of which stage you enter the construction process at, our sales team will conduct a new home introduction and connect you with your dedicated experience specialist. They will become your main point of contact for any questions related to the construction process. 

50% Complete

These homes are halfway completed! They should finish construction in about two months.* By this stage, your home has been framed, sheetrock has gone up, and exterior brick and stonework have already started, and may even be complete! Flatwork, such as your driveway, sidewalk, porch, and patio, will also be poured during this stage. You'll likely want to visit more, as things are changing quickly! Hand-selected design options, trim, and interior doors are being installed, and it's starting to really feel like home! 

85% Complete

You're in the home stretch! Homes at this stage are just a few weeks away from completion!* During this time, you'll be in constant communication with your closing specialist and loan officer as you prepare to close on your home. The finishing touches, like towel racks, hooks, appliances, and chosen landscaping options, will be installed in this stage. Our dedicated, in-house detail team will then come through to perform paint touch-ups and complete final details. When all of the items on our 1,000-point plus quality checklist have been marked off, your home will be labeled "complete." Then it will be thoroughly cleaned, and the red carpet will be rolled out for your Welcome Home Celebration!

We want to help you find your home sweet home at any stage of the building process! We have a wide range of quick move-in homes available in Amarillo, Lubbock, Midland, and Odessa. And, through April 30, we're giving new Betenbough home buyers up to $7,500 toward their new home! Contact us or visit one of our New Home Centers to get started!

*These time frames are tentative and do not take into account the period between your home's construction completion and the closing of your home.


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