Construction Process

New Home Construction Process

The benefits of building new are many but seeing your new home take shape from the ground up is a memorable and fascinating time! From the moment your slab is poured, we can tell you when each step of the new home construction process is going to happen with 99% accuracy! This is not typical for the home building industry, but we’ve learned and adopted processes that allow this time to be enjoyable and stress-free. This means you can start planning your move-in day RIGHT AWAY! While there are many steps to constructing your home, below are the top 5 home building moments to watch for as your home begins to come to life!

    Love at first Homesite | Your Foundation

    This is the moment you have been waiting for – your home has a foundation. You can see the outline of the home you dreamed of, and that you have worked so hard for. In a short few months you, your fur-babies, and/or children will be walking around in the comfort of your new home. Rest easy knowing that your foundation was formed with rebar, a metal grid that keeps the foundation from separating as your home settles throughout the years. Unlike most homebuilders, each Betenbough Homes foundation is stamped by a licensed engineer, ensuring the integrity and quality of your new home.

      Framing your Future | New Home Frame

      The walls are up, and you can FEEL your house becoming a home. Little Johnny and Jill can pick their rooms and walls can be filled with scripture and positive words by friends and family. At this point, you and your personal Betenbough Homes experience specialist will take an official walk of your home as you begin to learn about how our advanced framing system and engineered roof trusses create a structurally sound home, giving you the highest in quality and innovation.

        Granite, cabinets, and tile, OH MY! | Interior Construction

        Transformation is underway and you can see the vision of your new house coming to life. This phase of construction is more lengthy than the others, and you may want to visit several times! Our new home construction teams will be working diligently to install the luxury, option selections that you carefully chose months ago. Soon enough, the smell of fresh new paint and the sight of beautifully installed granite, cabinets and tile backsplash will welcome you as you step foot into your new home. Breathe, take it all in. Each visit will look different, as you get a little closer to closing on your brand-new home. 

          Photo Worthy Moment | Exterior Construction

          What a view! Your home has been carefully crafted by master brick masons, your driveway and sidewalk have been poured, and a beautiful cedar fence has been installed. You have built a home – finally, it feels real.  The new home construction process is nearing the end, but before your closing, our new home Builders are ensuring inspections are passed, that details are just as you imagined, and that we are ready for the final walk with you.

            A Walk to Remember | Welcome Home Celebration

            Roll out the red carpet! It’s time to celebrate. Our in-house detail team has dedicated many hours addressing the finishing touches for your new home so that you are ready for move-in. Let’s celebrate the completion of construction with a final walk-through of your beautiful brand-new home, ensuring that your expectations have been met and that you’re completely satisfied with your new home purchase. With only a few days until your scheduled closing, this time allows you to request any adjustments that may be needed before our teams move out and you move in! But, don’t fret, your comprehensive two-year, new home warranty will be available immediately and we would be happy to visit any time! 

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