WEST TEXAS – Russian cybercriminals targeted and victimized local company, Betenbough Homes, resulting in a system breach on May 3. These criminals acted in a similar manner to those that held the Colonial Pipeline’s system for ransom and have attempted to strongarm Betenbough Homes with similar tactics. 

On May 15, the company learned the perpetrators were able to obtain some sensitive personal information of individuals within its system and immediately sought out legal help to create a protection and communication plan for anyone at-risk. Betenbough Homes has begun to contact at-risk individuals in Texas, where the vast majority of affected individuals are located, and will continue to notify other at-risk individuals in other states in the near future. 

“Our team knew the exact moment our systems were compromised, and we have been vigilant in how we have approached the remediation of this ransomware attack to protect each of our customers who have placed their trust in Betenbough Homes,” said Cal Zant, Betenbough Homes President. “We have consulted with cybersecurity experts who are monitoring this attack closely as well as legal professionals who are advising us on how to best care for potentially affected individuals.” 

Out of an abundance of caution and concern, Betenbough Homes will offer identity protection and insurance to each person who potentially had sensitive personal information exposed. The security and safety of customers is the company’s top priority. 

“This was an evil attack on our company that we realize could negatively affect our people and cause frustration and concern. And for that we are truly sorry,” said Zant. “Know that we will not allow these criminals to threaten our employees, customers or partners. We are committed to ensuring their protection and are offering LifeLock plans to each at-risk person, so they feel confident in continuing to live life without fear of identity theft.” 

The entry point at which the criminals gained access to the Betenbough Homes system has been closed and all malware has been removed. An official investigation has been launched with a highly regarded cybersecurity firm and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. With its consults and legal professionals, Betenbough Homes is working around the clock to eradicate the situation and keep all at-risk individuals informed and protected. 

For questions related to the Betenbough Homes cyberattack, please contact Mari Rodriguez with Betenbough Companies at


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