Betenbough Homes vs Custom Homes


Congratulations! You’ve decided to build a new home. A brand-new home offers many benefits. But now comes the next decision: do you choose a production builder or a custom builder? Betenbough Homes is actually a systems builder, which means we utilize proven systems and processes to build homes in a timely manner without sacrificing quality. We have developed a construction checklist and have adopted an even flow system, which allows us to build you the highest quality home in an efficient manner, at the most affordable price.

While both production and custom home builders can deliver a well-built and beautiful new home, there are some important distinctions to consider before making your choice. As a systems builder, Betenbough Homes is dedicated to improving your home building experience through proven systems and processes. See how our systems make a difference in your home buying experience.


When it comes to custom builders, home buyers are typically required to find their own lot on which to build their home. Whether they do this independently or work with contractors provided by the builder, this process can prove challenging and time consuming, not to mention costly, as you’ll have to add the price of the lot onto the price of your new home.

Production builders typically work in association with a community developer, but when you choose to build with Betenbough Homes, you can rest assured that part of the value you receive comes from us developing our own land. What does that mean? Most builders pay for someone to develop land. This makes it difficult to control developing costs such as paying for street paving, street lights, fire hydrants and more. As a builder and developer, we develop our own land. This allows us to save money by controlling costs and, in turn, provide a home buyer better value on their home.

Economies of Scale

Betenbough Homes builds many more homes per year than a custom builder. Because of this, we are able to purchase building materials in bulk for a reduced cost, thereby lowering the price of your home. In addition, the quality control on these pieces is much higher because they are typically produced in a factory controlled environment which helps to reduce human-error.

Betenbough Homes uses an Engineered Framing System, in which parts are designed and cut in a factory controlled environment under the supervision of a licensed engineer. This ensures that the components of your home will be precisely cut which allows for accurate assembly and superior strength. What’s more, this means that your home will have minimal exposure to the elements as its being built, in addition to lessening the occurrence of human error. This process is environmentally friendly and saves you money. 

In a traditional custom built home, most of these factors cannot be controlled for which can have a number of negative outcomes during both the construction process and later down the road.

Construction Time

Another great reason to choose Betenbough Homes is the time it takes to complete your home will be drastically reduced. Even flow systems allow for great quality and timely delivery of building materials, so they are ready when a trade partner shows up on site. Watch our YouTube video for a more in depth look at our even flow system.

Because custom homes require many additional steps such as drafting a unique floor plan, the building process itself may be delayed for a while. What’s more, even during the construction process, things will move more slowly due to on-site part creation, and addressing any unique issues that crop up.

Another thing to consider with production builders are quick move-in homes. These are that are already under construction or that are complete, allowing you to move in a quicker timeframe.